Your marketing efforts should focus on bringing more customers. This may be through more social media interactions, higher search engine results, well-placed outdoor signage, etc. At the end of the day, the best metric to determine marketing success should be your bottom line. Are you making more money than you were before? If so, things are probably going well. If not, they’re probably not.

One challenge in the Boise SEO market, probably like any market, is showing decision makers actionable data to determine campaign success. We have search engine result trends we can use, along with Google analytics, and such, but what does that really show? It shows that activities are occurring, but it doesn’t always equate to improvements where they matter most….your wallet!

One of our previous articles, pointed out that conversion is really the goal. Tracking other metrics can be helpful in determining if your marketing is working, but if you’re not converting, then it really doesn’t matter. Showing up #1 on page 1 is nice, but at the end of the day, does it really matter? Only if someone converts and becomes a spending client.

Ask yourself the following questions. Are my marketing efforts working? How do I know? Am I happy with the results? If not, why? We’ll be happy to help you make sense of your internet marketing in Boise and the surrounding areas. Click here to contact us and we’ll be in touch the same day!

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