A Little BizMilk® History

BBizMilk began as a concept many years before formally becoming a digital marketing company. Allan Jerman was a successful digital marketer in the days of MySpace and Facebook banners years before taking on a single external client. As Allan’s success continued, he realized he could help fellow business owners, giving birth to BizMilk.

In 2014, Allan met Rich Carden, a marketer specializing in broadcast media. After collaborating for two years, the two decided to formally launch BizMilk in 2016. The company has had great success in the hardwood floor industry, commercial & residential painting industry, custom cabinetry and more.

BizMilk also works with businesses in the medical, dental & legal fields as well as private aviation, retail stores, e-commerce and more with clients from coast to coast.

BizMilk expanded to Orange County, California after Greg Solorio joined the team in early 2023! Our presence in Southern California grows every month!

Our Leadership Team

Rich Carden, BizMilk Boise


Allan Jerman, BizMilk Boise


Greg Solorio, BizMilk Orange County


Our Vision

To provide digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes that inspire growth and connection while making our clients feel as if we are solely dedicated to them. 

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