About BizMilk®

BizMilk began as a concept many years before formally becoming a digital marketing company. Allan Jerman was a successful digital marketer in the days of MySpace and Facebook banners years before taking on a single external client. As Allan’s success continued, he realized he could help fellow business owners, giving birth to BizMilk.


In 2014, Allan met Rich Carden, a marketer specializing in broadcast media. After collaborating for two years, the two decided to formally launch BizMilk in 2016, specializing in home services industries. The company has had great success in the hardwood floor industry, commercial & residential painting industry, custom cabinetry and more.

BizMilk also works with businesses in the medical, dental & legal fields as well as private aviation, maid services, retail stores and e-commerce.

BizMilk expanded to Orange County, California in early 2023. We are excited to begin serving clients in Southern California!

The Mission || Provide small business owners an affordable marketing option.

BizMilk's home office in Boise, Idaho
BizMilk's home office in Boise, Idaho

Our Founders

Rich Carden

Marketing Strategy / Sales

Rich has a long history of leading teams and getting the most out of those around him. He spent more than two decades working as a weather forecaster in the US Air Force before transitioning into the civilian world. After leaving the military, he began his career in marketing working for one of the country’s top radio broadcast firms. He joined forces with Allan in 2016 to start BizMilk!

Rich Carden

Allan Jerman

Marketing Strategy / Web Development

Allan has been involved with online projects since he was 14 years old. Allan's expertise is seeing the full picture from the start of an idea to the selling of an asset.

Allan's Path:
Started selling on eBay at 15
Created an e-commerce store & sold it
Created graphic sites with over 1 million google searches a month
Created a Facebook Application with a user base of 1 million/day
Created BizMilk to help business owners succeed

Allan Jerman

The Vision || To provide marketing services to small businesses that inspire growth and connection.

BuildExpo in San Diego
Meeting prospects in San Diego
National Wood Floor Association show in Tampa, Florida

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