Boise Website SEO, Continuous Marketing.

But, only page one matters

BizMilk SEO (search engine optimization) is the gift that keeps on giving. Clients are searching, but do they find you or your competitors?

The SEO process is simple, but it must be consistent, organized and done with a proper plan. A poorly planned SEO campaign can do far more harm than good. You know you need help, hire the company with a track record of success.

SEO helps you gain new clients, brand your company and gives your service a proper leg up on your competition.

Are you ready to start
your SEO campaign?

Step #1


You realize you need SEO (search engine optimization). During the initial meeting with BizMilk & your company, we take a deeper dive into what you are currently doing, where you want to be. It is important for BizMilk to be made aware of everything hat has been done or not done so we can successfully move forward.

Step #2

The Planning

Once you decide that BizMilk is the right marketing company for your company to succeed we begin the on-boarding and the planning. Our planning process is to learn your business and its clients. Our plans always consider your clients and who they are (the audience) – this makes sure that when we get traffic we capture them via our message. If our/your message doesn’t resonate with your client base all our efforts are useless.

Step #3

The Action

Once we have our message we will present throughout the marketing plan – SEO included, we begin marketing to certain keywords. We market to these keywords through many different ways – content, website markup, & link building. Our plan is to keep getting our business higher and higher in google based on continuous work on your website that Google likes.

Step #4

The Continuation

SEO website work is always lasting but never done. We find that once a customer cancels using our service of continuously updating their content they drop a page every year. This is because your competition is always working to out rank you and your business. Other business are hungry and the most hungry gets the top spot.

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The #BizMilk Philosophy

SEO is seriously simple. The hard part of search engine optimization is execution, dedication & consistency. Allan & Rich founded BizMilk on getting results that last. The key to any SEO campaign is to do work that stands the test of time.

We’ve learned over time that Google has a certain way they like your website to be presented to be successful. Organization of the website, clearly defined content & authority building links are they way to success. Each one of these points work together  to help Google realize the importance of your website/business and what you have to offer potential clients.

Every one of our clients, no matter if they stay with us forever or leave after 2 years, know they received work that will last.

Case Studies

SEO & Branding

An often overlooked aspect of SEO is that it complements all forms of advertising – print, radio, TV, digital & outdoor. All forms of marketing work together and when done correctly, harmoniously sync. When a prospect hears your radio commercial or sees a billboard and then easily finds your website, you look like an authority in your industry.

Prospect cycle: 

  1. Searches on Google for a specific product or service and clicks your ad
  2. Customer is tagged by your website upon arrival and then begins to see your re-targeting ad on their favorite sites
  3. They click on your omnipresent ad because you are constantly being presented to them
  4. The cycle continues for a predetermined amount of time leading to more visitors/business

Bottom line…the more often you can “reach out” and touch your prospect, the greater chance you’ll have at earning their business. Our marketing process makes this easier than ever!

SEO is not some mysterious voodoo or false hope. SEO is a real process, has real results and more importantly – successes that can be tracked. BizMilk is not reinventing the wheel.  What we do is well thought out, consistent and focused. Our results speak for themselves.