Where does your website rank on search engines? The top result has a 28.5% click-through rate. The tenth, however, only has a 2.5% click rate.

Without search engine optimization (SEO), customers may never find your website. An SEO web design company can create a site designed to boost your rankings!

Not sure how to choose a professional SEO company? Read on for the three tips you need for a successful search!

1. Look for SEO in Web Designing Experience

Determine how long each professional SEO company has offered their services. Look for a team with years of industry experience. Confirm they have credentials that speak to their web design and SEO expertise.

Before contacting SEO companies, determine what you need. If you’re selling a product, you’ll need an e-commerce website. To share your work, look for a web design agency that can create a portfolio site.

Outlining your needs and expectations will ensure you find an SEO company that can meet those needs. Look for a company that can offer a range of services based on your requirements. For example:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Web design and development
  • Content creation
  • Advertising
  • Social media management

Look for a company that understands Google’s Core Web Vitals. These ranking factors will ensure your site offers a positive user experience (UX). A strong UX can benefit your organic search engine rankings.

Ask each SEO company questions about the latest SEO marketing trends, and how those trends can affect web design trends. For example, Google will consider your website’s security and load times. If your website lags, users could leave frustrated.

As visitors leave your website, your bounce rate will increase. Improving load times and the UX can encourage visitors to explore, leading to higher dwell times, conversion rates, and rankings. Great UX web design could boost your conversion rates by up to 400%.

If a professional SEO company isn’t aware of these factors, keep searching. Their lack of SEO campaign and web design expertise could affect your marketing goals.

2. Review Their Web Design Portfolio

Review each company’s web design work to determine if they can meet your standards. Ask if they have case studies that prove they met their clients’ expectations.

Using SEO in web designing can improve your organic rankings. Effective SEO web design can help businesses generate website traffic and leads. If the company failed to accomplish this task, remove them from your list.

Prioritize companies that have won awards for their work. For example, Webby awards, Interactive Media awards, or Horizon Interactive awards.

3. Read Client Reviews

Request client reviews from three SEO companies on your list. Look for a company with a glowing reputation. They’ll strive to maintain their reputation by offering the best web design and SEO services possible.

Hire Your SEO Web Design Company

Don’t choose an inexperienced SEO web design company. Instead, use these tips to hire a professional SEO company that can accomplish your goals. Their services and expertise can set your business up for lasting growth!

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