that work….for everyone!

It is important that anyone visiting your website can fully and safely access all the available content. The American Disabilities Act was in place prior to the explosive growth of internet related businesses. It has evolved to begin including websites as “places of public accommodation” as it relates to accessibility.

As more people “live, work, and shop” online, it is becoming more important that your website is accessible to visitors with disabilities. The law is still fuzzy on actual requirements for ADA compliance, but many companies that want to serve all their potential customers have adopted methods to make their sites more user friendly.

How can we help
you with your new website?

ADA Compliance is Standard

BizMilk offers ADA compliant websites in Boise and beyond. We include accessibility tools as a standard feature in all website development projects for the first year. After that it will be up to the client to continue to offer this service. We give clients the option to “opt out” if they choose to, but very few take that route.

Contact our team today if you would like to discuss updating your website with ADA compliant tools or if you need an entirely new website that includes the latest accessibility controls.

“Working with BizMilk has been over the top amazing. Their level of professionalism, their marketing ideas and plan of action have taken EcoAir to the next level. Highly highly recommend BizMilk!!!” – Aschli