Make your website accessible to Everyone.

ADA compliance shows you care about your visitors. All of them.

Why Add ADA Compliance to Your Site?

It is important that anyone visiting your website can fully and safely access all the available content. The American Disabilities Act was in place prior to the explosive growth of internet related businesses. It has evolved to begin including websites as “places of public accommodation” as it relates to accessibility.

As more people “live, work, and shop” online, it is becoming more important that your website is accessible to visitors with disabilities. The law is still fuzzy on actual requirements for ADA compliance, but many companies that want to serve all their potential customers have adopted methods to make their sites more user friendly.

What is included in ADA Compliance?

There are many features that can be controlled through our ADA compliance feature. Here are a few:

  • Choosing the right accessibility profile: Seizure Safe, Vision Impaired, ADHD Friendly, Screen Readers for Blind Users
  • Content adjustments: Text Magnifiers, Font Sizing, Letter Spacing, Highlighting Titles
  • Color adjustments: Dark Contrast, Light Contrast, High Contrast, High Saturation, Low Saturation, Monochrome
  • Orientation adjustments: Mute Sounds, Hide Images, Stop Animations, Highlight Hover, Highlight Focus

Your visitors will see an ADA icon on your screen. Once they click to open, they’ll have multiple choices in how they view your content!

You can always click the ADA icon on the bottom of our website and try it out for yourself!