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SEO, Marketing Strategies & Web Designs Built For Success

No matter if you are a plumber, hardwood installer, attorney, maid service or anything else, one thing is a fact:


You are an expert at what you do.


Your company delivers the very best to your clients day in and day out. It’s important to you to make your customers smile at the service they receive.


To deliver your best, partner with the best.


BizMilk’s service lets you focus on what your customers need: service, quality and attention from you. Working behind the scenes, we make it possible for you to serve your clients to the best of your ability. Ready to let BizMilk manage your SEO, Marketing & website design?

(Rich & Allan – The Owners)

The BizMilk Promise

You need a partner to make your business life easier — a company who can help you achieve your goals today and in the future. BizMilk is that company.

3 Steps to Better Online Marketing & Business Results


Schedule a Meeting

It may be too late to contact a marketing expert when your business is suffering. Give us a call now to avoid potential problems later.


Create a Plan

During our first meeting, we will go through your current situation and begin to prepare an improvement plan before you leave our office.


Beat The Competition

Succeed online by creating more visibility and interest in your business. More people visiting your site means more potential revenue.

Website Design

Get the most out of your website – a poorly optimized/designed website is not syncing with your marketing plan.

BizMilk has tested many different formats and setups, and through trial and error uses only highly optimized designs to ensure a great user interaction.

Get more calls, emails and user interaction by using BizMilk’s website design services for your business.

A-MAX Hardwood

A Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company in Boise.

Sweetwood Cabinets

A Custom Cabinet Company in Boise.

Junk Bros

A Junk Removal Company in Boise.

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

When designing a company’s internet Marketing campaign, we strive to generate quality leads that produce high Return on Investment(ROI).

While we emphasize the long-term benefits of SEO, we understand the need for quick leads, brand awareness, and overall market presence.

Internet advertising, with the proper setup, can be a very great part of your overall marketing plan.

SEO is a method of letting search engines know who you are, what you offer and where to place you within the results.

Even the best designed website, without an online marketing plan, falls short of being even remotely useful.

BizMilk knows from our 18 years experience how to make you relevant within your online niche.

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