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Quality Website Designs

Your marketing needs a solid platform that ensures your money is spent correctly. Without the proper pillars in place no amount of work will gain traction. A proper, contemporary and modern website and website design ensures quality and consistent results.


BizMilk has hundreds of websites that have produced constant results that have met our customers needs and expectations throughout the years. By having a solid website designed by BizMilk, we are then able to market your business with ease.

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The BizMilk Promise

A great website & website design is the backbone for all online marketing. BizMilk offers quality sites that are proven to meet all your marketing expectations.

3 Steps to a Great Website Design


Schedule a Meeting

It all starts with a consultation. This is how we determine what you need by asking the right questions. Only afterwards can BizMilk begin to design the perfect website for your marketing needs!


Create a Plan

Once the functional elements are agreed upon, BizMilk begins to create the plan to turn them into design elements and finished products. A timeline is determined and adhered to.


Making it Live

After your new website is done, BizMilk makes the site live on our hosting or your hosting. The typical timeline from start to finish is anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the client's needs.

Website Design

Get the most out of your website – a poorly optimized/designed website is not syncing with your marketing plan.

BizMilk has tested many different formats and setups, and through trial and error uses only highly optimized designs to ensure a great user interaction.

Get more calls, emails and user interaction by using BizMilk’s website design services for your business.

A-MAX Hardwood

A Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company in Boise.

Sweetwood Cabinets

A Custom Cabinet Company in Boise.

James A. Ward Law

An Elder Law Attorney in Gilroy & San Jose, CA.

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