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A great foundation is the only way to start a marketing plan. Without a converting website – you are simply wasting money. We help you get the most out of your website budget!

Empower your business

Websites that grow with your business. All digital marketing campaigns start with a great website!

A tailored experience

Working with BizMilk means using a tailored approach to building your next website. We do not offer “cookie cutter” packages. We work together to find the right solution for your business now and in the future.

Initial Meeting

We take the time to meet in-person or virtually to make sure we will be a good fit. We realize that not all clients are a good fit for BizMilk and we are not a good fit for all business owners. We will determine this during our first meeting, along with your website wants and needs.

Design Process

Once we have gone through the initial meeting, we begin our design process. We work within our team to come up with a design plan that we believe will work for you. We do not outsource any website design or building tasks. It is all done by our in-house team.

Revise & Approve

Once we have the design complete, we work with the client to gain their approval. We call this a “vector check”. We make sure we are heading in the right direction before working to complete the entire site.

Approval before we go live!

We work together on finalizing your website before it goes live for the world to see. You are in total control the entire way through the journey!

Revolutionize Your Business

Begin Your Journey Today

Website design & development FAQs

This list is far from all-inclusive! If you still have questions after going through our FAQs, please call us at 208-590-6464 and we’ll be happy to answer any question(s) you may have!

How much does a new website cost?2024-03-18T19:36:42+00:00

It depends! There are many variables in building a website. How many pages do you need? Are you selling products online? How many locations do you serve? To accurately answer this question, we must meet and discuss all of these topics.

How long does it take to build a website?2024-03-18T19:38:05+00:00

It depends on how large and how complex your new website will be. A five page informational site may take as little as two weeks. A large e-commerce site with hundreds of products could take a few months.

Will my website be mobile friendly?2024-03-18T19:40:27+00:00

Yes! A large percentage of website searches begin on mobile devices. Therefore, your mobile friendly website will be a priority for our designers.

Can I take care of my site once it is published?2024-03-18T19:42:09+00:00

It depends on your level of “tech savvyness”. If you aren’t afraid of technology, you should be able to handle most simple changes on your own. However, if changing the time on your microwave intimidates you, you may want to let us handle changes in the future 🙂

Do you provide website hosting?2024-03-18T19:44:13+00:00

We offer website hosting to all of our clients. Our hosting service is top-notch and features free daily backups and includes your secure socket protection (HTTPS). Our current hosting cost is only $30 per month. That price is subject to change.

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