Some common goals often heard in an initial SEO client conference, “I want to rank higher” or ”I want to be found” or “I want to be #1”. Those are well and good, but the question then becomes…so what? So what you rank higher? So what you are more easily found? So what that you’re #1? The goal of any marketing investment should be to convert….convert possible prospects into spending clients. If you are currently investing in a marketing plan, traditional, digital, or otherwise, think about the “so what”. If you begin the journey with the end in mind, you’ll be much more effective with your campaign. With that in mind, if you currently pay someone to perform SEO services, ask them what their strategy is to get you more closeable leads. One of our previous blogs touched on combining organic SEO and paid advertising…you can find it here. This article will provide you some insight on our methodology on why we do what we do!

A recent article on about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) problems gives three very simple things to look for when trying to determine why “lookers” aren’t becoming “buyers”. Take a few minutes and read through this article. I think you’ll find it quite interesting! I especially like his point about stock photos. I know they bug me! Make yourself a CRO expert…at least in theory if not in application. It’s a healthy mindset for every business owner.

Our approach at BizMilk is simple…begin with the end in mind. Keep in simple, keep it honest, and keep it real. What do YOU want your website to do for YOU? Optimize it to do that very thing. So what you’re making more money by doing this? Isn’t that what you wanted in the first place? More than likely it was!

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