In marketing, whether it’s digital, broadcast, print, etc., there is significant power in being consistent with your message. One can really relate consistency in marketing to a physical fitness regimen.  When you’re consistently marketing your business, you’re working to build your brand. When you’re going to the gym each week, eating right, and getting plenty of rest, you’re building your body. Both of these efforts take a consistent approach to be successful. If you market your business like McDonald’s but only do it for a month, you won’t get the results needed to really make a difference. You’ll end up fading away after a short period of time. The same thing with your physical fitness approach. If you work out like an Olympian for 30 days, you’ll feel good for a little while, but it’s doubtful that you’ll see much in the way of lasting success!

Being consistent also means being consistent with good quality content. If you’ll read out blog post about content, you’ll see that authentic content makes a big difference in the way that Google sees your website in the event of internet marketing. It’s not like the movie….just because you “build it” doesn’t mean they’ll come! As a matter of fact, the article you’re ready right now is an example of authentic content that helps Google see the page as a valuable resource for potential search customers.

So, to close, let’s just say that consistency makes a huge difference when you’re building a brand. Don’t try to short change your potential clients…stay consistent with your message and continuously give people a reason to look for your business. If you provide value, you’ll see results!

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