Google is a complex “being” not 1 thing can make you #1 in the google search like it use to be, links. Now it is based on many factors and rankings that are almost impossible to manipulate. However, You can still gain traction by doing good things to signal Google you are ready for the prim time.

Content has always been king. No matter what era of the google update we have ever been in people with good content always fairly ranked well. This was because good content is good. Everyone wants useful content to read and learn upon. You and I both want a useful website to help further our understanding whatever we are looking for. No matter if we want information on a certain topic or to find a business with a good rating/standing with people near us – we want the most authentic experience.

So, for a second lets think about how if we were not a business or a website looking for traffic what we would want. We would want a website with substantial information we could improve our understanding upon. The only way to actually have this experience is to have a webpage that has CONTENT, AUTHENTIC CONTENT.

Content Creation Isn’t Easy

I recently had a client of mine who I talked through how to blog the “right way”. This client understood that content is useful. However, when it came time to blog or post on Google+ they would write 2-3 sentences and think that was enough. I am not sure about you, but if I came to a page with 2-3 sentences I would first think it was half done and that the business had no idea about their field. I explained the issues with 2-3 sentences and she understood but said she didn’t have “time” to write blog posts. No customer was going to be impressed with 203 sentences, they surely will not think you are an expert in your field. Why even bother….

While I understand it can be hard to write down your ideas and get them across on paper, but trying is going to let google know you are an expert in your field and even better, your potential customers. While it might only be a post every 2 weeks or even every month… in 5 years how many posts will you have for that potential customer to read. Get started now, in due time Google will only get better at reading and understanding – content will be king.

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