When I go talking to companies about what they do and are about; it can be confusing. The owners are going in a million different directions. Going in a million directions online is bad. No other word can describe trying to do everything online then “BAD”. Just like the real world, you can’t do everything and be good at it, the same goes for online. To be successful online you need to pick 1 topic/niche.

The most successful people will tell you that you need a business plan and really drill down what your plan is, how you will do it and how you will offer it. This is basically a long way of telling you to find a specific niche and own that niche. Google wants you and your website to do the same thing. Google wants to you accurately define what you are about, what you offer and who you offer it to. By accurately defining these things google wants you will begin to move up the rankings and begin to receive calls from interested customers/clients.

By narrowing down your main focuses you can promote your website with more power to google for those few topics. This gets you more power over your competitors who are spread too thin and trying to do it all.


Lets say you are a electrical company who also does plumbing and some drywall. By telling Google you do all 3 of these things that are very unrelated you are spreading yourself out and not getting all the power you could. Instead the company who is saying they are a plumbing company who does toilets, sinks and drains will have a better chance of gaining traction because they promote plumbing with subsets of plumbing.

By staying true to what you do and keeping a tight reign on the niches you present to google will allow you to have a bigger authority over your competitions. By doing this you have a much better chance for succeeding with your website seo plan.



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