To get well qualified leads and leads that turn into sales you need to be in all the places people are looking. A common question is why would I pay to have search engine optimization done and also pay for advertising online. That is a good question, and there is an answer for that below.

I am of the belief that the more contact you have with the person the more chances you have of gaining that persons trust. I like doing business with people who are lack for a better word are “popular”. Everything in this world is run on what is the best or most popular. People gravitate to popular. In a business setting it is the same philosophy that you should be using. You want to be popular and being popular is the best way to grow and gain trust of others. Think of this idea as crowd-sourcing. All the consumer is doing is crowd-sourcing to find the most popular business since usually most popular business have the most success.

Now back to the idea of both advertising using AdWords and using SEO to promote your business. Lets say you rank #1 on google organic search results. You will in fact be #1 in the results but you will have maps, and AdWords above you. By you advertising on both AdWords and being #1 on google organic results (non-paid results) you are guaranteed they will see your business and website name twice, not just once. If you are active enough on your google+ page and blogging you should also be ranked in Google local listings with a map. By being seen 3 times you will appear “popular”. Even if you are the smallest company in the world people will start gravitating towards you because your giving an impression of “big” & “popular”.

So my advice is to you do the organic thing and do the AdWords advertising. It has helped my businesses much m ore than I have paid for advertising in brand reconition as well as lead conversions.

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