Most of us in business are familiar with the idea of building your brand. But, what does that really mean and how do I actually build one? That of course are the big questions that all business owners must determine for themselves. An article published on simply says that your brand is “who you are and how you want to be perceived by others”. That’s a very loose definition, but you get the idea. Think back to your high school days. We all remember people that had bad reputations…the druggy, the rocker, the people with “questionable morals”, etc. Whether or not they realized it at the time, they were building a brand. Brands aren’t always a good thing! We, as business owners, want them to be positive and need to nurture those “brand building” elements in our business lives. For instance….what does your Google review history say about your business? If you’re getting a lot of negative reviews, your brand is probably not going to be what you want it to be. Monitor your reviews…respond to all of them if possible. Thank those that leave positive reviews and address those that leave negative reviews. Don’t leave this element to chance!

The same is true with your website. Are you blogging? Are you providing value added content for your potential customers to use? Your website is your digital storefront. You’d want people walking into your store to feel like they’ve had a positive experience…the same is true with your web presence. Don’t miss this opportunity to give something of value to your visitors. Check out our previous article on why it’s important to blog! Take this blog entry for example…we hope that you will learn something that you can use to help positively impact your business from this article! If not, then it’s a waste of my time. But, I’m confident that anyone reading this will get the idea on how important it is to establish your brand, maintain your brand, and protect your brand as if it’s your child!

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