Blog this or blog that is all we have ever heard. Why do we even blog you are probably wondering or what does a “blog” really mean to you and your company. You put all this time and effort into your blog posts and no one even ever sees them. So your making question is “why do I even blog”. Even more importantly if no one ever sees it how does it help my SEO and my online presence...

As all my blog posts and our free SEO course and even my paid search engine optimization meetings with clients I go over the following – brand yourself online and present your site to Google as you would want customers to see it. To really brand your company online you need to have your website showing for all possible searches your clients will be searching for online. You want to be in their face and at every step of their “searching” phase for your product or service. By making them feel like you are the authority on any subject matter they might throw at you. By doing this you already have a leg up and are in your customers minds as “The One”. As a by product of doing this for your clients you are also letting Google know you are here and here to stay. Google Likes that.

#1 – It keeps you current to Customers

How often do you go to a site and see a webpage that hasn’t been updated in forever, the information is not new and it seems like the website only advertises the main products or services not the niche thing you wanted. A blog fixes all this as you can keep your website neat and cluttered free but also allow your customers or clients to searching your blog however they want. This way your blog post keep your company looking as fresh as possible to your customers.

#2 Post projects and new Products in an Easy Format

Posting pictures of your daily projects is a great thing for showing on a blog. You are able to show your knowledge, how you do things and why you are the best. It is hard on simple services pages to really show anything in depth. With blog posts you are able to get a bit more in depth with a possible client. By doing this you have the leg up on competition offline and online.

#3 Add obscure Products or Services

Blogging is an easy way to post about not so common products or services you offer. By doing this you will show up for more terms on search engines. This way if a client searches something more specific your site will show up instantly for that client and capture their attention.

#4 Google Likes Fresh

The last reason for the need to blog is the most important. Google like customers love fresh and new content. Google wants to see a site that is updated and showing the clients they send you the very best “hospitality” and “experience”. We are all about please Google and customers – so, blog.

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