The Boise SEO market is full of fine companies that will do good work for you. But, what if you’re not ready to make contact? If you have questions about SEO in Boise, BizMilk can help. You don’t even have to reach out to us if you don’t want to! We have a long list of blog articles ranging from conversion and content, to branding and blogging. We’ve given a short overview of some of our most popular blog subjects to help you figure out what matters most! If you have a question that’s not covered in one of our existing blogs, drop us a line at and we’ll write one about it!

Here we go….

Why is Content Important?

Can’t I just make a site and walk away from it? Google knows how valuable my information is…right? The short answer is no…they don’t. Imagine having half a second to decide what matters most to my customer. That’s what Google does every time you search for something. There are hundreds, or maybe thousands of possible search results to choose from. Quality content helps Google with this decision making process. Imagine searching for “Boise SEO” if every SEO company had exactly the same information on its website. It would be impossible for Google to figure out what will help you the most. Here’s a link to why you have to have quality content in order to be competitive!

Meta Titles and Descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions are like little roadmaps to both Google and searchers in general. It’s simply a way to help let the search engine know what the page is about and to give you, the user, a little snippet of what to expect from the page. Need a little third-party help on this? Here’s an article from that tells you everything you need to know about meta titles and why they’re so important. As promised, here’s our local blog on this same subject. Take a few minutes and see what questions come up after reading through this information.

Thinking Like a Marketing Company

It can be very difficult to change your mindset. But, this is one instance that it’s a must. If you think like a marketing company, regardless of what your primary business might be, then you’ll be more successful when growing your brand. Why is that? It’s simply a matter of putting what matters most, first. If you sell widgets for a living it’s important to really know your product. What’s more important? Finding people to talk to about your widget. All of your widget knowledge is for naught if you don’t think like a marketer. Here’s our blog article about this somewhat controversial topic. Why do we think this is controversial? There will be people that will argue that it simply doesn’t matter how many people you talk to if you don’t have the requisite product knowledge…you’ll never be successful. It can be successfully argued both ways.

These are just a few of the dozens of blog articles available at Again, they should provide you some good information if you’re in the market for SEO help in Boise! Good Luck!

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