I would like you to ask yourself a question…what kind of business are you in? Hopefully, you answered “marketing”! Every company should consider themselves a marketing company. But, you say, “I’m a dentist…I’m not a marketer” …wrong. You can the world’s best dentist, but if nobody can find you, it pretty much doesn’t matter what kind of skills you have! As a business owner, you have make business development a priority. One of the ways you can do that is by employing effective internet marketing techniques. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, should help active searchers find your business by employing certain keywords into your overall digital strategy. Your SEO company must think like a consumer, not like a web designer. Those are two entirely different worlds. The web designer is trying to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing site that does everything you want it to do. The consumer is looking for you to solve their problem…whether I have a cavity that hurts like crazy or my home furnace has stopped working. The SEO company will help craft the key messaging on your site to help those search engines find you…thereby solving the pain experienced by the searcher! Make sense? These aren’t always visible to the searcher, but it’s important to the search engine, aka Google! Here are a couple of our previous articles about meta titles and title tags…see what you think after you read these.

A great addition to your SEO strategy, is a pay per click campaign designed to provide immediate results (when done properly of course). Pay per click means just that…you pay for someone to click on your ad. If the ad is well written and you are able to convert the click to a paying customer, life is good! Google’s goal is for you to reach the right people at the right time with their pay per click advertising. Your SEO company will help you craft the message while preparing your website for an increase in traffic. All of this is done with conversion as the ultimate goal! So, congratulations…you’re the CEO of a marketing company in addition to everything else you do! I guess this is where the “chief cook and bottle washer” comes from when you think about what it takes to own a successful business. You gotta do everything!

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