If you sell products on Amazon, there are a few things you should consider when building your listing. But before we talk about specifics, let’s look at Amazon for a moment. According to RetalingToday.com, Amazon received nearly 181 million unique visitors in March 2016 alone! It’s nearest e-commerce competitor was eBay with just over 100 million visitors. To put this in perspective, Wal-Mart had 91 million unique online visitors! Amazon provides an enormous audience to sellers. It’s vital that you put your best foot forward with every listing!

Amazon’s interface functions much like other search engines, looking for relevant keywords and such. Titles are an important element of the listing, likely the most important since it’s really what gets you found…do you know how to structure yours to give you the best chance of success? What kind of photos do you have to show your product? Will they help turn shoppers into buyers? There are a lot of elements to consider when putting your listing together. One suggestion is to do a search for similar products to yours and mimic what they do. They got to the top somehow right? Another suggestion is to hire a company that focuses on moving products to the top of their respective searches. But, getting to the top isn’t enough…we need to convert! Check out our previous article about conversion here!

The bottom line is simple…Amazon provides an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs of all sizes to be competitive in the global market place. Don’t waste this chance…get your “ducks in a row” and you’ll sell more ducks!

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