Clients in their initial meeting talk about how people want 1,000,000 people to their site and how great business would be if they did. Will, I hate to be the one who breaks this to you, you will never have 1,000,000 visitors to your website most likely and honestly you never do. You want to have targeted visitors who turn into customers. This means you don’t want mass amounts of people.

To have a targeted visitor means they are a qualified person who wants what you have to offer. They want to be your customer, they want to buy your things and they want you to impress them. A website is nothing short of a store front window. That store front window in the mall is an easy way to let  potential customer who you are and what you have to offer them. By having an updated website with good information you are able to tell your visitor they should be your customer. Your website should make them want to call you and use your service or buy your product.

By having the proper optimization on your website you are able to share yourself with the right people on the search engines. By showing yourself to the right people you can focus your efforts on people who want to be your customer rather than people who could care less about what you have to offer them. By eliminating these people you just made more money by not wasting your time on them.

Proper internet marketing and search engine optimization lets you find people who need you and eliminate people who are just lookers and wasting your time.

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