How to choose a web designer

The World Wide Web is home to over 1.9 billion websites, with the number growing by the day. It’s no surprise that most of the sites on the internet are business websites. That’s because, in today’s world, businesses without an online presence are virtually non-existent to the larger public.

The first step in getting your business online is finding a web designer for your business website. A web designer will help you create and publish your website on the World Wide Web. If you don’t know how to choose a web designer for your site, we’re here to help.

Today’s post is a comprehensive guide on how you can choose the best web designer for your business website.

Do Some Proper Digging

There’s no shortage of web designers in the country or worldwide. In fact, a simple Google search will expose you to thousands of them eager to offer their services. However, to find the right one, you’ll have to do a lot more than just pick the first search result.

Finding the right web designer requires some serious digging. But before you start exploring your options, answer the following questions about your

  • How big do I want my project to be?
  • How many pages will there be on my website?
  • What is my web design budget?
  • Are there any websites that I like?
  • Do you need any other services apart from web design?

Answering these questions will help narrow down your options to only a handful that can meet your expectations. You’ll want to start by looking at the companies’ portfolios to get a firm idea of what they offer. Read through their portfolio and pay attention to previous projects they’ve worked on.

Go beyond the names and pictures. Visit the websites and see whether the web design firm still maintains the websites. Apart from the actual design, look at the sites’ loading speeds, mobile-friendliness, and SERP ranking.

Check Online Reviews

Online reviews will tell you what previous clients have to say about the firm you have in mind. You can learn volumes about the company by reading a few online customer reviews. They’ll let you know about the service quality, pricing, customer service, and a lot more.

Start by reading the reviews found on the company’s website. However, you might want to tread softly with them because all of them are positive. For honest and unbiased reviews, consider visiting authority review sites like Yelp or the BBB.

Find a Company That Offers In-Person Consultation

Any worthwhile web design firm will be more than willing to schedule an in-person consultation with you. This initial meeting lets you communicate the website goals to the web design company. It addresses things like what you want your website to look like and the budget you have for the website.

This initial consultation is standard for most web designers and web design firms. Any firm that charges for its initial consultation isn’t worth your time. This is a red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.

Remember, the consultation is a two-way conversation between you and the web designer. The web designer should equally contribute to the conversation and point out any issues and also offer useful suggestions. This shows that the firm is confident in its web design knowledge and expertise.

The initial consultation is the first of many meetings you’ll have with the web designer. It will help you decide whether the firm is right for your website needs.

Look at the Services They Offer

Make sure you find a web design company that offers all the services you need. Look for a web designer that offers other services like search engine optimization, copywriting, social media marketing, and a lot more. The right web design firm goes beyond just designing business websites.

Creating a website is only part of the process. You also have to push your website so that your target audience knows it exists. Also, note that your website will be the hub of most of your company’s marketing activities.

You want to build a long-lasting relationship with the web designer. That way, you can work together to raise brand awareness and increase your company’s reach. Look at the services they offer, but also think about what they offer for the long haul.

Look for a Tech-Savvy Company

You can never go wrong with a tech-savvy company, so find one that understands all the latest practices and technologies in web design. For starters, the company should be able to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm.

The company should also show commitment to learning the latest technologies and adding them to their list. Ask them whether they can integrate a content management system into your website. Without one, you’ll be completely dependent on the web designer for any updates you need to make on your website.

If they mention a static HTML website, find the nearest website and get out of there ASAP. Also, make sure the web design firm can create a mobile-friendly website for your business. Your website won’t be much good if users have to pinch and zoom every time they visit your mobile site.

Make Sure You Actually Like the Company

Before you sign any agreement, make sure the company sits well with you and the rest of the team. If you feel there’s something off with the company, then you’re better off finding another one. Sometimes it’s okay to trust your gut, even when choosing a web designer.

Just remember to liaise with all concerned parties before making your decision. Choosing a web designer should be a collective decision involving all stakeholders.

Choose a Web Designer That Suits You

The above information should help you choose a web designer that’s worth your time and money. Remember to explore all your options and choose the best fit for your company. It’s your time to take the internet by storm.

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