The common question most business owners ask is how long search engine optimization takes to kick in and begin sending leads. The first thing i tell them during my consultation is that SEO is not an immediate thing. We are first trying rework all the problems created by the business owner such as multiple accounts of YouTube & Google Local. Then we need to audit th site to make sure the text is aligning with the vision the business owner wants to portray online. Then finally once all that is done we let Google reorganize our data in their algorithm.

During the process of the restructuring of the data we changed and is being sent to Google we begin doing certain types of blog posts to spark our customers and Google’s interest. This helps sends signals to Google letting them know who we are and what we want to present to potential customers and readers online.

This whole process takes a good 3-6 months to begin seeing actual results in the Google search. A real indicator on how the search engine optimization is going is in the 6-12 month window. Amazing results tend to happen not instantly but over time much like a marathon. The key is to keep doing what you know your customers will like. This will turn into a mine of information in the years to come for both the customers and Google. Content is king. Not just any content, good content. If you keep the pace and create good content you will succeed online.

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