Franchising and Website SEO

Franchising can be a great thing! It allows business owners to focus. However, when you franchise most websites are not your own or you do not have full control over your website. I met with a guy this week who had very slight control over his website, he could change his homepage text. That was it! So, the normal SEO was out of question such as title tags, description tags and all that good stuff. We had to make do with what we had.

Key Ways to Work SEO as a Franchise

  • Google+ Business listing
  • Outside Blog on your topic
  • Suggest to corporate new ideas for your website
  • Facebook

Google+ listing pages really do drive a lot of calls to businesses and most the time a franchise has the opportunity to run their own Google+ page. I would urge you to post, upload videos and try to get reviews for your Google+ page.  If you are a franchise and need help thinking outside of the box, give me (Allan) a call. My Number is 208-982-5749. I always give free SEO consults.

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