When in life has anything just come simple and grow uncontrollably? The only times I can think of this happening is the infancy stage of any business, project or era. Google and websites for that matter are no longer in the infancy period of time – I think we can all agree on that. When Google and the internet as a whole was in the infancy stage you could put almost nothing in and receive a ton back. The competition during this time was almost non existent. Now lets flash forward to today, it is almost impossible to not find a company online in some capacity on the internet.

So, while there is tons of companies online today, does that mean they are all doing a great job and really investing time into their website and online marketing? For the most part small businesses do a very bad job of their online marketing and marketing of all types in general. There 3 main reasons to invest your time into your website:

  1. Content is seriously king for SEO
  2. You will outpace your competitors
  3. You gain in advantage for closing deals

Content has and always will be king. If your website has unique content that is useful to your customers, it will be useful to Google. Google will know this and will rank you accordingly. Remember search engine optimization is not a ace it is a marathon and will only work if you put the time in daily to make your website as nice as your store front or your service being provided. By taking these few hours daily you help maintain what you have and help cultivate it for growing in the future. Grow does not mysteriously grow on trees and then be wished to your site. By putting time in to make great content google will notice you and your website over time. Your results will be proof of this.

Your competitors surely do not take time each day to work on their website. They have worked on their site probably once int eh past year if ever. By simply doing small steps daily in the next year your site will be 10x the size it is now in content and continuous be growing and a resource for your potential clients. Start now. You have valuable information your customer want to know you have so they can hire you.

When people come to your company site they are already sizing you and your company up. Do you want to have an advantage going into the bidding process with your potential client? I know I would and do! By having the superior site you set an example to the customer who you are and what your services have to offer prior to even talking to them. By spending that time only our site daily, you are working your site to  be a great tool for your business and your sales team!

I would seriously advise everyone spend time on their site daily, if you can’t hire someone, it pays off. Leanr more about our internet marketing and SEO plan here.

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