About H1 Tags

H1 tags are an important part of website that most people do not take advantage of. Not having an H1 tag would be like having a business and never letting people what you do. It seems crazy that people would every do that, but everyday millions of websites do exactly that. Without utilizing H1 tags to communicate what you do to search engines you make it nearly impossible for anyone to find you on the internet. The H1 tag is designed to communicate with Google through a short phrase exactly what your business does.

How to Use H1 Tags

To use H1 Tags effectively for Google you should only realistically use them once per page. This means that you need to think what your page is about and then sum it up in 3-6 words and wrap it in an H1 tag. The H1 tag should be held in high regard and you need to take time to write a great phrase Google and PEOPLE will like. This is not a spam fest, this is your website you want people to understand and think, “wow, I get what company A is doing and why they are showing up”.

If you need help with H1 tags or need help with your site in general and feel overwhelmed, give us a call. BizMilk has 12 years experience dealing with so many different topics we cant even list them all. 🙂

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