Some of the more common questions I get from clients is they are unsure of what to post on Google+. They know they probably should but they are unsure what.  Posting on Google+ is pretty easy and almost thoughtless. The idea is you are sharing information with people (really Google) on what you do and why people would want to see you in google results. By posting on Google+ through the hundreds of websites I have personally helped it has been a common thread that the more active your Google+ the easier it is to rank in google rankings.

So, lets break down the Google+post options you have into 3 different posts. This makes posting easy and more of a science then “well what should I do today” sort of thing.

  • blog post you posted
  • information relating to your field
  • pictures of jobs completed

So to further break these down I will give examples of what to do.

  • If you write blog posts on your site make sure to share them on your google+ page. You do this by sharing the link and writing a 2 sentence summary of the blog posts. This gives you traffic to your own site plus good text for google on your google+ page.
  • Post 3-4 sentences about something interesting in your field. This could be from your own knowledge or a summary of some new tip/advice you have found on the internet.
  • Post some pictures of a job you did with some specific information relating to that job

Have questions on how to rank better or what to post? Give me a call, free consultations are always free. 🙂


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