website organization is critical: BizMilk SEO

One of the primary SEO focus areas for our firm is to take “chaotic” websites and make them “calming”. You may wonder why that is important. If you consider the fact that Google and friends are attempting to find the best fit for given search terms in the shortest amount of time possible, it makes sense that easy to navigate websites that are clearly defined would be a great option. Imagine having to run into the library to find a book about earthworms without the Dewey Decimal system! Could you do it? Probably so, but it would take far longer than if you had a map to help you find the book you’re searching for.

Imagine the frustration you would feel if every time you needed a book, you had to run into that chaotic library completely free of organization to find it. Eventually you would just stop going there. It’s too confusing! This would be especially true if next door there were another library with an excellent filing system that quickly and easily shows you where to find the information you desire. If a friend asked you which library you recommended, you would undoubtedly recommend the library that makes your life easier! That’s the challenge that search engines face when trying to determine which website (or webpage) to return when you search for those earthworms! They’re not going to recommend the chaotic library when there is a better option available. Pretty soon you’ll stop trusting their results and go elsewhere…and that costs them money! The best SEO companies understand this and rely on others not to do anything about it.

Ask a friend, colleague or family member to run through your website. Ask them for their initial gut reactions. Compare your site to those of your competition. Which site looks more chaotic? Is their site better organized than yours? Is it easy to get in touch with them about an estimate or a product? Is it easy to tell what you’re selling or promoting? If there’s a chance that any of these questions are causing confusion, you may need some professional help.

You can always reach out to a local SEO company for a free audit. Some will gladly look at your site and give you a couple of ideas on how to improve your structure. Others will want some sort of commitment to do business with them before digging too deep.

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