Everyone talks about search engine optimization as it is just about text and a few meta titles. However, that is not exactly true. SEO is about your whole site, interaction with clients and how it is received by that client and then h ow it is received by Google. A good site thinks about the customer first and Google 2nd.

Web design is always changing but here at Bizmilk we like to stay with tried and trusted methods of web design. While parallax websites are huge right now, they are a nightmare for google to index and rank you effectively. The reason is there are many moving parts and all on one page. People like multiple pages, google likes multiple pages. We suggest you stay with a responsive design that is traditional to receive higher rankings in Google.

Some sample sites we like in terms of design and seo:

These sites have a simple setup, good content and are easy to navigate. Doing seo all starts with your base, web design, if it isn’t right your whole seo process will fail.


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