BizMilk is constantly trying to challenge ourselves at our jobs. Every year we do a case study to see how well our skills hold up. The challenge is starting from scratch with a brand new company who has ZERO presence on the web. Finally seeing where we end at the end of 12 months of time dedicated to a company.

First we spent the first 2 months planning the website, the flow, and the plan for the company. This took so long because we like to plan once and execute our plan once. Being hasty in any work always makes for harder fixes and longer times for results.

The company we are doing a case study on this year is A-Max Garage Door. The company does garage door installation, repairs & tune-ups. We think they will have great success with your plan and ideas.

The goals for A-Max Garage Door for this year is to establish a constant traffic flow with consistent leads to supply the contractor with work to do. Company goals are to get A-Max Garage Door to page #1 and competing with other brands in the valley for the work available.

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