If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably seen us point out many times that you can probably do your own SEO work. All you need is the time to learn the basics and have time for trial and error to work out in your favor. In our continuing quest to help you become more SEO savvy, this post will address the on-page versus off-page concept of SEO.


This is also known as on-site SEO. This includes essentially the elements of your page (site) that you can personally control. You have access to your content, you can change your headings, URL structure and more. Think about it like this….when you’re about to go on a long car trip, you can make sure that your oil has been changed, tires are properly pressurized, you have a current map, and things of that nature. Again, it’s stuff you CAN control. How you do this may still make a significant difference, like what kind of oil you use, but that’s still in your control. Your on-page SEO will have some variables as well. While you can change your title tags, that doesn’t mean you necessarily know what to change them to say. That’s where a professional SEO company with years of experience comes in handy, much like a skilled auto-mechanic in our automobile scenario!


You guessed it…it’s also known as off-site SEO! Unfortunately, this is a little more out of your control than you’d like. In our road trip scenario, it’s like experiencing unexpected traffic jams or bad weather. You just can’t control it. Off-page SEO involves aspects like the quality of links coming to your site from other sites. How much of an authority is your page/site? The value here is in the quality of the links, not necessarily the quantity. There was a time when you could buy links. That is frowned upon now so stay away from that practice! The better your content (on-page), the better chance you’ll have of becoming an authority and improving your linking (off-page).

SEO is an important aspect of your overall online marketing approach. It’s relevant and must be applied properly to gain the most competitive advantage. Use the on-page and off-page opportunities together to get the most out of your marketing dollar. Need help? Give us a call at 208-590-6464 for your free consultation.

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