I have decided to offer a free course in all things search engine optimization. SEO is fairly simple and if you have the patience and the drive you can do you own seo with these classes. The full course will make your site nearly perfect in google’s eyes and set you up in search engines for years to come. This course uses the same information for my own personal websites and my clients websites.

The course will cover how to make good titles to what to post on google+. the course is literally an all inclusive course and nothing more should be needed. While I put every detail of information out there for everyone to know you might find it very time intensive. I am still for hire at a very reasonable rate if you find the course takes too much time. But, please at least look over the full course so you might familiarize yourself with what is needed to be a top website in the google rankings. Only a few companies in your field probably utilize all these techiniques. By doing them you will set you rself above the competition.

What this course will cover:

  1. How to setup your site to have proper cues for google
  2. Setting up a google business profile
  3. What and how to post to your google+ profile
  4. What you should be posting on your site

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