Branding yourself online is not the easiest thing. SEO bridges the gap of not being seen at all and getting potential clients know who you are and what you offer. Why have a website if people can not find you?

People Can Discover You

No one can know who you are or what you have to offer if they do not know who you are. The most expensive website in the world can not make people see your products or services you offer. To be seen you need to be in sync with Google and what they want your website to have. By being in sync with google and search engine optimizing your website you will allow people to find you. SEO is a method of simply of getting your information across to search engines and being understood correctly. To have an effective website you need a website that articulates who you are and what you do to the customer and the search engine.

You Appear Big

By showing up for whatever your customer or client types into Google you will begin to brand yourself.Constantly being on pages your silent is on begins to let them see a pattern of “Wow, this company has it all.” and that you are a big player in the field or industry you are ranking for. By being in multiple places of any keyword your client will type in you are appearing bigger than your competition and dominating the minds of your customers. Before your customers even make contact with you their idea in their head is that you are the authority of the service or product you provide. By effectively using organic SEO and Pay-Per-Click you can make your company look like a fortune 500 company of your city or town.

Sticky Advertising

The great part about having an effective SEO campaign & Google Local Business page is that you have lasting results if managed correctly. This form of advertising is much cheaper then offline advertising to try to brand yourself. As you can choose what you want to brand yourself for and what keywords you can have a very focused and knit brand campaign that will last and be very effective.

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