Hardwood Company SEO Case Study

About A-Max Hardwood

A-Max Hardwood was looking to boost their leads coming in from their website. The overall goal was to obviously get more business. For their free consultation we identified aspects of the current website, seo and online advertising that were lacking/not targeting the correct audience. The main things BizMilk were to focus on was the local listing, organic and the website content.

The Steps to Success Used

Step 1: Website


The main part to any online marketing plan is the website. The website is the foundation, it is imperative that is constantly tested, updated to get the best results. The website prior was 5 pages and was super text heavy with almost no images. The new website transitioned to more image heavy with specific phrases to evoke certain feelings. When the website launched the site preformed much better.

Step 2: Local Listing


Local listings are the 3 listings at the top of any google search for a service business. These listings are very important as it positions you high on the page, give your potential client direct access to call you and it shows your business rating. These listings further the amount of business for any company listed in this area. Originally, A-Max was not in these listings, by getting into this position on google their business increased 30%!

Increase in Visits

Step 3: Organic Listing

Organic traffic is the 2nd layer of any google search. In the event someone does not click the local listing, you need to be listed in the organic results to be found. We find that is also helps to brand a company more as they will now be seen twice on the clients search for the perfect company.

A-Max Hardwood has had an increase of organic traffic of 50% by updating the website and having us correctly optimize it. This lead to over 300 emails last year from their website.

Increase in emails

Step 3: Online Advertising

Local Listings and organic traffic are amazing, they are free and drive a lot of leads/sales. One of the many aspects business fail to realize is that ads help further their brand, acquire people that might have somehow missed their other listings and really drive more traffic. A quality adwords campaign shows the clicks, conversions and the price per lead. Online advertising is a no-brainier with the correct campaign and analytics.

A-Max Runs $2,000 a month in ads a month and it generates over $20,000 in business for them. Adwords has brought in clients from states as far as Washington, Oregon and Montana. The biggest job acquired that can be tracked to adwords is $120,000 gym floor.

Added Monthly Revenue

Step 4: The Rewards – Revenue

The only thing changed for the A-Max Company was the seo & online advertising. In 4 years the revenue has increase 6-7x when the company was bought.

Revenue Added