Careers at BizMilk

BizMilk is always looking for the “right” person to join our Boise based team! What makes someone the right person? It’s pretty simple…you have to be dedicated to doing the right thing for the client regardless of the outcome for you personally or our company.


Traits we look for include:

HONESTY – This speaks for itself. If we can’t trust you then our clients can’t trust you. We simply can’t let someone we can’t trust be a part of our team.

PASSION – The people we need must be passionate about client success. Not our company’s success, but our client’s success. If our client succeeds, then we succeed. It’s the only way.

COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE – Growth comes from doing things you wouldn’t normally do. BizMilk is looking for people that say “yes” when they are offered an opportunity to do something they haven’t done in the past. To borrow a baseball term, we are looking for “utility” players that can do a little bit of everything aside from their primary role.

Check our listings below for current openings. Send your resume and inquiries to

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call. We may still need you!!!

Current Openings

Entry Level Digital Sales Representative
Boise, Idaho
BizMilk is looking for an entry level sales representative to join our Boise based team. We are looking for someone that is not afraid to make mistakes and has an entrepreneurial spirit. Previous experience not required!

WordPress Developer (Part Time)
Boise, Idaho
BizMilk is looking for a part-time WordPress developer to join our growing team. The position will be part-time at first with full-time potential in the near future. Work will be performed in our Boise office.

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