Google Local Placement

Local Placements make up of 30% of Organic Leads

Business Local Management

Google Business local listing is an interesting aspect of SEO and vital to any small or medium size business. Using this type of listing can increase leads up to 30% by displaying optimized information that effectively advertises your business. Having page 1 listings with star ratings and easily accessible information will serve as one of the most effective parts of your online business marketing plan.

Google Local Business Management

About Business Local Listings 

Google business local listing is a must for any business that services local customers. These listings are used when customers search for a type of service or business in a specific region or city. If I search for a plumber in Boise, the businesses with Google local listing status will appear first. When you use local listing to your advantage, you can have a major influence on local customers and beat your competitors to market.

Where Local Listings Appear

Business local listings will appear at the top of page 1 on Google, just below the Pay-Per-Click advertising, when customers use a city or region-based search term. Terms such as New York, Northeast, NYC, New York City, etc. will return local results for your New York-based business. Some people will scroll past the ads to the organic search results immediately, and if you have a local listing, you will be one of the first results they see.

Why Local Management Matters 

When customers see your business with gold star ratings and a visible phone number and address, they are more likely to use your services. But…getting to the top of Google search results with a local listing is not trivial, it takes time and a lot of calculated effort. By continually improving your search engine optimization strategy and effectively communicating your business information, you will find yourself closer to the top of page 1.