Amazon Seller Account Optimization

Amazon Listing Placement Impacts Sales

Why Optimize your Amazon Listing?

There are millions of buyers on Amazon each day. Being ranked higher than your competition can result in hundreds or even thousands of more units sold each month. With the proper account setup you can ensure higher ranking that will help you reach your sales goals. BizMilk has experience in optimizing Amazon accounts to sell more units and convert more people per view.

Amazon Listing Optimization Services

Amazon Listing Overview

Amazon has hundreds of millions of products listed for sale. It’s safe to say it’s a retail giant that most people think of first when contemplating an online purchase. People that visit Amazon are typically there to buy! If your product turns up on page 1 of an Amazon search, odds are pretty good that you’ll get a sale!

Conversion Focused Listings

BizMilk’s focus in all of our optimization services is simple…conversion! We not only want your listing to show up on page 1, we want to ensure you’re getting more sales as a result of that position. It’s not enough to be on page 1! We want your bottom line to feel the positive impact of that listing!

Let Your Metrics Work For You

Amazon provides a wealth of metrics to help you get the most out of your online retail experience. BizMilk has the experience needed to use those tools to make your listing more effective and efficient. We want more page views with more sales per view!