Why BizMilk Website Design

Get the most out of your website – a poorly optimized/designed website is not syncing with your marketing plan.


BizMilk has tested many different formats and setups, and through trial and error uses only highly optimized designs to ensure a great user interaction.


Get more calls, emails and user interaction by using BizMilk’s website design services for your business.

Just a Few of Our Past Website Design Clients

A-MAX Hardwood

A Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company in Boise.

Sweetwood Cabinets

A Custom Cabinet Company in Boise.

Junk Bros

A Junk Removal Company in Boise.

Website Design / Development FAQ's

Why are BizMilk sites different than other companies?

We have built many websites, but more importantly we have done a lot of SEO and internet marketing campaigns for small to medium sized businesses. This allows us to know where to put things on your new site to make those “viewers” turn into customers.

Why is an optimized website needed for an SEO or Internet Marketing campaign?

Without a properly optimized website, doing SEO and internet marketing is futile. Why spend money on something that will not yield optimal results? We are in business to make the most amount of money possible, why not put our advertising dollars to the test and squeeze the most we can out of them?

Do I own my website?

Absolutely! If you decide you no longer want to work with BizMilk, you own your website and everything on it. You are free to take your code wherever you want to!!!