What is Internet Marketing & Pay-Per-Click

When designing a company’s internet advertising campaign, we strive to generate quality leads that produce high Return on Investment(ROI).


While we emphasize the long-term benefits of SEO, we understand the need for quick leads, brand awareness, and overall market presence.


Internet advertising, with the proper setup, can be a very great part of your overall marketing plan.

Online Advertising Facts

Each time an ad link is clicked on Google or other search engines, you are charged a predetermined price. Campaigns are carefully crafted to ensure every click is worth your money. The idea is to capture only qualified leads who are most likely to use your service. The beauty of Pay-Per-Click advertising is that it’s instant. As soon as the campaign launches, it will be seen by thousands of potential customers.

Instant Visibility

Within minutes of launching the campaign, your ads will begin showing up on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Ads appear based on predetermined keywords and phrases that are designed to produce quality leads on potential customers.

Brand Awareness

Familiarity leads to brand awareness. BizMilk will configure your online advertising to reappear to the same customer across different websites, videos, and applications. Wherever your customers browse the web, they will be reminded of your company. Your brand awareness will be at its peak, making your company appear large and influential with very little effort from you.

Set Budgets, Cancel Anytime

With Pay-Per-Click, there are no contracts or down payments. All payments are based on real-time clicks and ad space is regulated by your budget. You determine the budget and it can be changed at any time. Pay-Per-Click advertising is the easiest way to see quick results and is a perfect companion to effectively managed SEO.